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Modeling of spatial distribution of rock and fluid properties in the subsurface. Stochastic simulations and uncertainty quantification


Inverse modeling

Estimation of rock and fluid properties from geophysical data (seismic, gravity and electromagnetic data). Applications in near surface geophysics, hydrology and petroleum geophysics.


Fluid flow simulation

Development of numerical methods for fluid flow simulations in porous media.


Data assimilation

Update of time-lapse models by assimilating new datasets (well measurements or seismic data).


Stochastic optimization

Development of optimization methods for inverse problems: genetic algorithms, simulated annealing and neural networks.


References: “from Grana and Della Rossa, Geophysics, 2010” and “from Grana et al., International Congress of Geostatistics, 2012”).​

Shell 3-D Visualization Laboratory














Augmented Reality Sandbox (Geology Museum, Dr. Laura Vietti)

A real-time integrated augmented reality system that uses a real sandbox to create topography models, elevation color maps, topographic contour lines, and simulated water flow based on Saint-Venant  shallow water equations.  

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